OPG 13
I live in Samara city, it isn't a big city by the standards of the Russian Federation. Although urban population reached at 1.2 millions, art level of small businesses isn't high. Usually it's hard to find real smokin good team for realize interesting projects.

So, it was fate that brought me to Dmitry. The Man, who founded beauty and tattoo shops. This studio became one of most popular location for clients in city, here you can find true friendly atmosphere with rock music and real warm fire!

P.S. OPG13 – name of this team and it's Russian abbreviation which translates to Organized Criminal Group... :D
Client:  OPG13
Ph, retouch: Maxim Gustarev 

Sony A7r3 + Sigma 20mm, 35mm f1.4 Art
Adobe Photoshop CC

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Thank you for your attention!

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